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As a result of COVID-19, the healthcare sector has been brought into the spotlight more than ever before, with the entire country standing up and applauding (quite literally) the work that they are doing to care for the nation.At WR Health, we are extremely proud to serve the industry and believe this added attention is a perfect time to highlight some of the things that make a career in healthcare so rewarding.Simply put, if you’re passionate about helping people, finding a job in the healthcare industry can be one of the best career paths there is. Here’s some of the reasons why you should choose a career in healthcare.Reasons to choose a career in healthcare: making a good impact If you’re looking for a job that makes a positive impact and provides fulfilment, it may be time to choose a career in healthcare. Regardless of your role, you are playing a part in helping people, changing the lives of others and impacting families.This often leads to professionals finishing each day with a sense of fulfilment, and healthcare workers regularly describe their jobs as ‘meaningful’ and ‘contributing to the society.’ You’ll also be surrounded by like-minded people who are compassionate, caring and want to provide the best possible care for patients.Very few other careers give people the opportunity to do as much good as healthcare. You can be a truly compassionate person, all while making a good living. It does not matter what job you choose within the industry, you will be helping patients to get the care that they need.Finally, if you’re going to spend over forty hours a week at your place of work, you want to know that it’s time well spent. Living payday to payday without job satisfaction can take a toll on your performance as well as your overall well-being. But, with a career in healthcare, every day is truly rewarding for staff in one way or another. Job securityHealthcare is one of the most in-demand industries across UK and the rest of the world, with a huge skills shortage for workers across the sector. And, according to a WHO report, the world will be short of 12.9 million healthcare workers by 2035. This means that your skills will be highly sought after almost anywhere you choose to work, providing a real array of opportunities and, perhaps more importantly in these tough times, some well needed job security.Fast paced environmentChoosing a career in healthcare means entering into a fast-paced, ever-changing, and sometimes challenging environment – illustrated pretty clearly by the COVID-19 crisis. It is safe to say that no two days are the same, and you never really know what will happen when you wake up and head to work in the morning. This is definitely not your standard 9-5 office job. The sector requires regular decision making, on-the-spot thinking, decisiveness, intuition and problem-solving skills, making it one of the most exciting to choose.RecognitionAs a result of COVID-19, more people than ever are truly recognising the value of healthcare workers – with millions across the UK taking part in weekly rounds of applause, painting rainbows on their houses, and companies and organisations offering deals and freebies to workers. While we think this added recognition is slightly overdue, it’s exactly what those in the industry deserve.In fact, we wrote a recent blog that outlines just how much recognition the public has been showing to those working in the sector and how much it means to those in the profession. Ultimately, working in healthcare is a prestigious occupation that you can be proud of, leading to a huge sense of job fulfilment.Opportunities for developmentAs one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world, the healthcare sector arguably has the largest variety of development opportunities for its staff. New medical facilities, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, and doctors’ offices have made finding employment in different parts of the country, and even the world, easier than ever. This gives those working in the sector the opportunity to take their career in whatever direction they want, and continue to help people as they go. Furthermore, due to the current talent shortages in healthcare, many organisations are keen on upskilling workers and offering them as many development opportunities as possible in order to help retain them and ensure they hone their abilities regularly. So, if you decide you want to take your healthcare career in a different direction, chances are, you will be able to with little challenge. Jobs for all skillsetsThe broad scale of healthcare jobs available to people means that qualifications and medical knowledge are not necessarily required for some positions. While many may believe that all healthcare professionals have to have spent over four years at university and received all A* at A levels – this is not the case. Healthcare is such a vast sector, and roles vary from administration, payroll, community care, doctors, surgeons, across nursing home and social care settings as well, to name just a few opportunities. And the benefits we’ve outlined in these blogs are available to all of these roles, not just limited to doctors and nurses. We are proudUltimately, while healthcare is currently in the spotlight due to COVID-19, a career in the sector is a fulfilling and exciting journey at any time. At WR Health, we are proud to represent the industry, and we’re not surprised that demand for talent is rising across nursing, health and social care. With healthcare workers so essential to keeping the country safe and well during the pandemic, we’ve done our utmost to support them throughout these turbulent times, and recognise the job they’ve been doing.Our Health division manages recruitment for a vast range of private healthcare settings, with a specialist focus on the recruitment of nursing and unit management staff. We recruit for over 6,000 organisations, placing experts in elderly care, mental health, dementia care, brain injury nursing and rehabilitation support, pre & post-operative care and residential care. We have successfully adapted to remote working and our healthcare team is providing the same high level of service as ever. All of our consultants can be reached via their landlines, email, and social media profiles, so if you’re looking to choose a career in healthcare, why not reach out to them?To find out more, contact us today.​

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WR Health: five inspiring stories ​While the current crisis has affected all of us in some way – nowhere is this more keenly felt than in care homes. While the coronavirus has brought more attention to the undervalued work of the sector – we still think that they need as much recognition as possible! Therefore, we want to use this blog to draw attention to the great work being done by those in the care sector, featuring a number of inspiring stories from care homes around the country, along with an account of the amazing work being done at Lowmoor Nursing Home, a client that we’re proud to supply staff for. ​Care home residents take Facebook by stormResidents at a care home for the elderly which is under Covid-19 lockdown have sent messages to their loved ones combining old-fashioned pen and paper with social media. Staff at St Vincent’s Retirement Home for ex-service personnel in Ryde, Isle of Wight, came up with the plan to take photographs of their residents holding messages for their loved ones which were emailed and posted on Facebook.Acting manager Jessica McGovern said that the home’s 21 residents wanted to do something positive and show they were coping amid the crisis which has caused the home to be in lockdown since Saturday March 14th. McGovern said:“As we cannot have any visits from families, we thought we would use old-fashioned pen and paper because that is what the residents are used to and sent the pictures out by email and put them on Facebook as well.”Describing the response, she said: “It’s gone wild, for the families they have the reassurance that their loved ones are safe, fed, warm, happy, smiling, and they are not letting the fact that families cannot visit have a big impact on them.“The families are over the moon, we have had nothing but positive feedback, and people have been quite emotional.”​Care home residents play life-size Hungry Hungry Hippos​​A care home in Wales employed novel tactics to keep its occupants in high spirits, engaging them in a life-size game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.The residents at Bryn Celyn Care Home in Maesteg were wheeled back and forth while attempting to grab multi-coloured balls with baskets in a video that has been viewed almost 500,000 times on Facebook.“Residents really enjoyed playing a new game today, Hungry Hungry Hippos,” the care home wrote. “Lots of laughter to lift morale of the team and residents!”​Children send care home residents uplifting messagesJust 5 days before the UK lockdown, schoolchildren in Northamptonshire recorded uplifting messages for self-isolating elderly people after an online appeal by care home staff. Carers at Bilton Court in Wellingborough asked for cheerful letters and pictures to raise the morale of self-isolating residents.Messages by Year 5 pupils at the town's Park Junior School were broadcast live on BBC local radio. Head teacher David Tebbutt said it was "a little boost in a challenging time".Mr Tebbutt said he asked Year 5 pupils if anyone wanted to help people in self-isolation and said:“Everyone's hand went up. Children are very aware of their predicament, they're worried about their grandparents and their parents. To share goodwill like this might just make a difference to someone. It’s a very lonely time for many.”Here are a sample of some of the heart-warming messages from Park Junior School children:Calvin, 9, said: “Possibly you could learn to play chess. I love chess.”Sahil added: Don’t worry. If you have some fish at home, feed them and watch them swim about.”Lily, 10, told residents: "I hope you're keeping yourself safe and well and maybe try a crossword."Scottish care workers receive pay boostIn a move that we think should be replicated across the country, adult social care workers in Scotland are to be given a pay increase of 3.3% backdated from 1st April, the Scottish government has announced. The deal covers all hours worked, including personal assistance and sleep-overs, with an agreement also secured on funding for sick pay when workers are ill or self-isolating.In addition to our inspiring stories from the care sector, we’ve decided to share an account from one of our clients to bring more attention to the work people are doing on the ground. Here’s an update from Maxine Gascoigne, RMN service manager at Lowmoor Nursing Home:“Lowmoor Nursing home is an amazing place to work. The team here are continuing to attend work as they are all dedicated to the wonderful residents in our care. The service is predominantly mental health led and in these desperate times of COVID-19 we all feel we have a war to battle against as the pandemic peaks.My team are the forgotten front line and all brilliant heroes. While resources are being ploughed into the NHS, we struggle to get the right PPE to keep the team safe as they rally round to ensure our residents are kept safe and unaware of our issues.Staff morale has been amazing and even in a war zone we have been creative and have given support to other care homes who have not been as lucky as we have as they have faced fatalities.Like Lowmoor Facebook page and a friend request will be accepted, and you will see all the creative fun we have had during the current crisis. We are keeping the British stiff upper lip going even though we may be fighting a losing battle. We recently wrote to his Excellency the Archbishop of Canterbury who has agreed to put us on his special prayer list, and this has given us hope.NHS staff have been promised medals for their hard work and I will be requesting medals for all my team as they deserve it, I hope Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock recognise the hard work and commitment in the private sector.We have amazing carers, housekeepers, front of house, events, catering and maintenance teams. Both Chris, the deputy manager and I are first level Nurses and we are determined to look after all our residents and staff to the best of our ability. We do not want thanking for this as it is our job and we are immensely proud and privileged to be working for Liddercare and with our residents and team.”We are proudWhile these are testing times, we hope that by sharing these inspiring stories from care homes, we can put a smile on the faces of workers, and bring attention to a sector that is always overlooked. Feel free to check out our other health focussed blogs, which are all aimed at recognising the hard work done in the sector.As always, our WR Health team is still working and providing the same high level of service as ever to workers in the sector. All of our consultants can be reached via their landlines, email, and social media profiles, so if you’re looking to support the UK demand for nursing and care staff, why not reach out to them today? ​

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How logistics companies are adapting to COVID-19 As a result of the spread of coronavirus, widespread economic uncertainty has affected almost every industry sector, and logistics is no exception. However, the virus has led to many companies taking innovative approaches to adapt their services to help fight against the pandemic and continue doing business. A few weeks ago, we covered how engineering firms are helping in the fight against COVID-19, using their resources to produce PPE for key workers. This week, we’ll look at how logistics companies are adapting their offering to mitigate the effects of coronavirus, with a special focus on one of our clients, Bidfood. Logistics adapts to COVID-19: Bidfood click & collect Bidfood are one of the country’s largest foodservice wholesaler and distributors, known for supplying the out of home sector including hospitals, care homes, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, schools and prisons. However, much of their business was hampered by COVID-19, which reduced activity significantly. While different depots were affected in different ways – with Central London the hardest hit – the impact called for action. Therefore, the logistics company decided to look at adapting by offering a customer click and collect service. This allows the general public the option to order food, drink and non-food items from their e-commerce website, Bidfood Direct. Consumers are now able to purchase a wide range of frozen, chilled and ambient goods from Bidfood’s core range. As a result of the scheme most of the depots are operating at 50% of normal capacity, and the company has managed to not only avert a crisis, but also supply millions with food during the lockdown. Speaking about the scheme, Andrew Selley, CEO at Bidfood said: “At Bidfood, we take the safety of the products we supply and our people incredibly seriously. In responding to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus around the world and in the UK, its impact on international supply chains as well as recent consumer stockpiling, Bidfood is proud to have an extensive range and supplier base to draw upon.” “Whilst putting in place comprehensive plans for our customers, we’ve also looked at how best we can support the general public and their requirement for food. As we see many outlets sadly shutting their doors for the foreseeable future, the pressure on retailers is only seeming to grow and so we have launched a service that will be a mixture of click and collect and home delivery to try and support the demand as best we can.” Unlikely partnerships In its efforts at adapting to COVID-19, the logistics company has even gone as far as to partner up with arch-rival Brakes – something which would never happen in usual circumstances. In fact, at WR Logistics, we’ve recently seen people crossing over between to two companies in ways that would have been completely unheard of prior to the pandemic! In some sense, it is the equivalent of a football player going from Man United to Liverpool. This partnership is in support of a new government initiative to ensure that vital food supplies reach the country’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus. The initiative will see the two companies working together to deliver hundreds of thousands of weekly care packages across the country to people at high risk from the virus who are not able to get easy access to food at this challenging time. The food box delivery scheme for the extremely vulnerable will apply to the whole UK, and has recently been rolled out by governments in Wales and Scotland. The parcels, which will be delivered to the doorstep, will contain more than 20 essential items including pasta, cereal, tea bags, fresh and tinned fruit, milk, bread and biscuits, as well as non-food items like toilet rolls and shower gel. Rail freight Finally, when it comes to logistics firms adapting due to COVID-19, we have also seen an increase in companies moving to use rail freight instead of air, due to capacity and scheduling issues as a result of the coronavirus. In fact, China actually witnessed an increase in the number of trains and cargo volumes moved by train to and from Europe via the ‘Silk Road’ in the first quarter of 2020, with March noted as a record month in Eurasian rail freight traffic. This has been as a result of the transportation of medical supplies to battle the coronavirus, with railway giving priority guarantees for the transport of relief materials. By the end of March alone, China-Europe trains shipped a total of 333,800 aid materials, equalling 494 tonnes in cargo mainly to Italy, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands and other countries. One of our clients, Davis Turner, has been one of the businesses contributing to this shift. Philip Stephenson, Chairman of Davies Turner, commented “I believe that the impact of COVID-19 will push many shippers to rethink their supply chains, and that could well see a lot more Asia-Europe air and ocean freight traffic moving permanently to the rail freight option.” WR Logistics Ultimately, COVID-19 is having a significant effect on logistics. The sector encompasses such a broad spectrum of services that different areas will feel various impacts, and while some have been able to focus on adapting their offerings, such as Bidfood, many other sectors are simply on hold, waiting for the current uncertainty to pass. At WR Logistics, due to our strong remote working proficiencies, our capability to support clients, candidates, and our staff is just as strong as before. Despite trying times, we can conduct all of our operations from home and provide the same high-quality service. We encourage all candidates and client to get in touch with us if they need more information on the situation. We are just as dedicated and as capable as ever, and will strive to help businesses and job-seekers during this time. Contact us today ​

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At WR, we believe that communication is critical during the current crisis, and keeping people in the loop and engaging with audiences is critical. Therefore, we are doing our utmost to ensure that we offer as much help as we can to candidates and clients throughout the pandemic. Here’s what Lewis Richards, our owner and founder, had to say to health workers and employers this week:First and foremost, I hope you’re all safe and well. I wanted to write to the WR network with an update from our team during these testing times. At WR Health, we are doing our bit during the Covid-19 pandemic and continuing to give clients the help they need. The team is working remotely and are just as capable as ever of identifying and engaging with the very best talent. Just like every other business, the current world we are working in has provided us with challenges and our applicants are quite rightly asking us new questions. As an employer, there are a number of considerations you should factor in to your hiring processes during these unprecedented times to ensure they remain both efficient and effective.WR Health: Some things to consider for hiring during COVID-191)Interviews: Many of our clients are conducting interviews using technology that they may have become very accustomed to over the past few weeks, such as Houseparty and Zoom. Facebook or WhatsApp video calls work equally as well. When setting up a video interview, it’s advisable to test the platform you’re using prior to an external call. Try testing the software with a colleague or family member beforehand to make sure you’re comfortable with the platform and can answer any technical queries the candidate might ask. It’s also important to consider things such as background, lighting, and how the colours you are wearing come across through video apps. Here are some further tips on how employers can best conduct video interviews.2)Keeping candidate experience front of mind: Candidate experience has always been a priority and it’s arguably more important now than ever before. Individual’s need to feel at ease during a video interview, especially if they’re not used to this particular format of engagement. Making every step as simple and user-friendly as possible will have a huge impact on the experience of the user, so consider how they will interact with any new processes you’re implementing. For instance, don’t assume candidates have experience with the platform or software you’re using. Send instructions ahead of the call and let them know what to do if they struggling getting on, and if they express a preference for a particular platform or time of day to suit their home life, be as accommodating as you can. Communication is key when developing new relationships with candidates, so ensure you have an open two-way dialogue where individuals can receive timely responses to queries. 3)Staff & resident protection: Safeguarding staff is an issue that has been highlighted in the press over the past few weeks, and will obviously be a concern for any new hires as COVID-19 continues to dominate the news. If you’re hiring, it’s crucial that you widely and clearly communicate the actions your organisation has taken to protect staff and residents. Try to be as active as you can on social media and other communication channels to firmly get across the fact that you are taking every precaution against Coronavirus.4)Cultural fit still remains a priority: Of course, ensuring there are enough people on the front line is critical, but there’s still a need to give applicants an insight into the working environment that they will be entering. Remember that candidates are facing the prospect of making career decisions without being able to physically visit the location of their intended work. So, if you’re hiring for a permanent position, consider how you can demonstrate the culture of the care home. Why not complete a short two-minute video to show potential new hires around the work location, introduce them to the team, and give them a chance to see your personality?We hope the above tips will help employers continue the great work they are doing during the current pandemic, and ensure that the recruitment process can provide a steady pipeline of talent to help in the fight against Covid-19.Thank youFinally, I want to say a massive well done and thank you from WR Health to everyone working in the care sector for the amazing work you are doing taking care of the vulnerable and elderly in what is no doubt the most challenging time in everyone’s career. My grandmother spent her last nine years in a nursing home and I know first-hand just how much of an impact the staff and community within the home can have. The fact she was so well-cared for made things far easier for our family, extended our time with her and gave us many wonderful memories. Recognising the impactAt WR Health, efforts will continue to go into not only helping care services with their recruitment needs but also to highlight the incredible work that nurses and care staff are providing during Covid-19. Therefore, we will continue to share our insights and views on what an amazing impact a career in health and social care can have in a community.If you haven’t seen last week’s blog, where we looked at all the great freebies and offers available to nurses and care workers during the lockdown and gave our own view on how we think they should be recognised – feel free to check it out here.We are looking to showcase any individual efforts of care staff and providers on our social media platforms and other outlets to help praise those that are going above and beyond in their roles. Already we have heard of carers moving into nursing homes, leaving their families at home, so they can continue to provide much needed time with the residents. If you have any staff that you want to give thanks to, please don’t hesitate to share them with us, - we would love to include them in our weekly good news bulletin. As always, our Health team is still working and providing the same high level of service as ever. All of our consultants can be reached via their landlines, email, and social media profiles, so if you’re looking to support the UK demand for nursing and care staff, why not reach out to them today? ​​

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As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle and impact the nation’s economy – the news of late has been full of doom and gloom. However, despite this, there has been a remarkable surge of support for the NHS and our health workers, with rainbows being painted up and down the country, and the entire UK taking part in the weekly ‘Clap for our carers’.At WR Health, as a company that is so proud of supporting the sector – we thought we would use this week’s blog to shine a light on some of the things being done to recognise health workers , and add a few extra light-hearted suggestions of ways we could celebrate them going forward. Recognising Health Workers: Food & DrinkSeveral food and drink companies are recognising key workers such as nurses and health & social care staff by offering freebies and discounts in a bid to make sure that they’re looked after. We’ve listed a couple below:•Free meals for the NHS - The team at Meals for the NHS is delivering free meals to frontline NHS heroes, whilst supporting local restaurants in the process. Through donations, and sponsorship (the average meal cost is £5) they have started delivering meals to hard working staff at local hospitals.•Krispy Kreme – Krispy Kreme is reopening some of its UK drive-thrus for key workers only, who will be able to pick up free doughnuts and hot drinks. •Hotel Chocolat – To recognise the efforts of healthcare workers, the chocolatier has announced that NHS and emergency workers are entitled to 50% off all products online.•Leon – The fast food chain has announced that they are also offering NHS workers 50% off of all products and free food deliveries to hospitals •Uber and Uber Eats – Uber are offering free rides and meals to nursing staff and other key workers. We think this should carry on as long as possible – and who knows, maybe we’ll see NHS’s worker receiving a free upgrade to Uber exec going forward.Perhaps once COVID-19 is over and done with, these deals could be carried over on a special rainbow-coloured discount-card!Transport DiscountsThere are also several transport discounts recognising the hard work of the NHS by helping health workers get around:•NCP – The company are offering free car parking for key workers, including nursing staff, emergency services until the end of April, but this could be extended.•Hospital parking - The Government has announced it is providing financial backing to allow NHS trusts to scrap the dreaded car parking fees for NHS staff, social care workers, and NHS volunteers at hospital car parks.•AA - The AA is offering free recovery for all NHS workers on the way to or from work.We think that these transport and travel schemes should be extended indefinitely and perhaps expanded upon. For instance, NHS workers could be offered unlimited free public transport – or speedy boarding passes for life!Clap for our carersFor the fourth week in a row, millions of people across the UK have taken part in a mass round of applause to show their appreciation for nursing, care and social workers from doorsteps, balconies and open windows. Clap For Our Carers has become a weekly event as people across the nation unite in a massive show of support for the UK’s emergency workers who are caring for coronavirus patients. However, we believe that this could be extended once the UK emerges from the worst of COVID-19. These individuals have the whole world on their shoulders at the moment and deserve recognition from us all on a long term basis too– the team at WR would happily give these key workers a standing ovation every time they go into a cinema or pass us by in the street, it’s the least they deserve!We are proudUltimately, WR is proud to represent sectors that are doing so much to help in the fight against COVID-19, and we’re not surprised that demand for talent is rising across nursing and health & social care. With healthcare workers so essential to keeping the country going and limiting the negative effects of the pandemic – we continue to do our utmost to support workers throughout these turbulent times, and recognise the job they’ve been doing.We have successfully adapted to remote working and our healthcare team is providing the same high level of service as ever. All of our consultants can be reached via their landlines, email, and social media profiles, so if you’re looking to support the UK demand for nursing and care staff, why not reach out to them?Contact us today​

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With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on several industry sectors, many companies have severely scaled back recruitment, or simply stopped it altogether. However, while the pandemic has led to widespread disruption for the entire UK, the care sector has seen an unprecedented rise in the need for talent due to the essential role of workers in mitigating the effects of the coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know about how COVID-19 is increasing demand in healthcare.Care workersCare workers are clearly a vital part of the UK’s fight against COVID-19. But as an industry that already had a huge demand for talent and resources that were already scarce – the pressure to find more staff and quickly has risen in light of recent developments. The coronavirus is heightening the need for home care services, as many care and support workers find themselves having to self-isolate because they are displaying symptoms of the virus or have come into contact with somebody who has it. Caremark, a major home care provider with 120 offices across the UK, is urgently recruiting 2,000 care workers to support elderly and vulnerable clients in their homes. Meanwhile, home care provider Cera has created 10,000 full-time permanent jobs and says applicants can start earning in as little as 10 days. HC-ONE has thousands of permanent roles at more than 300 care homes nationwide, with the firm ‘calling all people who are kind, caring and want to make a difference by joining our team of key workers.’Meanwhile, there has been an innovative approach by Four Seasons Healthcare, which has launched a recruitment drive targeting those from other industries who are out of work because of the coronavirus. The company said it was targeting up to 3,000 people at risk of being made redundant. Group CEO Jeremy Richardson, said: ‘This campaign is specifically targeting people in the hospitality and airline industry that have been hit so hard by the pandemic as we feel their skills are absolutely transferable to the care sector.’In addition to this, there have been many volunteers helping address the rise in demand. A Liverpool care home struggling to cope during the pandemic says it has been inundated with offers of help. At Oak Springs, manager Andrea Lyons made a plea for ‘more hands-on staff’ after 50 of the home's 72 workers had to self-isolate. Ms. Lyons said she had an ‘amazing response’ from agency staff, ex-doctors and Liverpool City Council. After so many ‘helpful and kind’ people got in touch, she said her rotas had been filled for weeks to come. We are proudUltimately, WR is proud to represent sectors that are doing so much to help in the fight against COVID-19, and are not surprised that demand for talent is rising. With healthcare workers so essential to keeping the country going and limiting the negative effects of the pandemic – we continue to do our utmost to support workers throughout these turbulent times.We have successfully adapted to remote working and our healthcare team is providing the same high level of service as ever. All of our consultants can be reached via their landlines, email, and social media profiles, so if you’re looking to support the UK demand for nursing and care staff, why not reach out to them today?We believe it is crucial to recognise the role of key workers and are extremely grateful for the work of the health services in such difficult times, and have been doing so at every opportunity. Once again we will be taking part in Thursday’s clap for the NHS. Also, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog where we will outline a couple light-hearted ideas we have for how to recognise the hard work that nurses have been putting in – perhaps free Uber Exec’s for life, or a round of applause every time they walk down the street!Contact us today for any further information​​