Dexter Way

Dexter Way

Lead Recruiter

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  • About me

  • I recruit for sales, design and project focused HVACR engineers.

    I was born and bred in Portsmouth, and in my spare time I love to watch Titanic, and sing. In fact, I’m referred to as the songbird of my generation (no-one in the office agrees with this).

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What people say about Dexter

  • Very good consultant.

    Rob Slade, Area sales - Staffordshire
  • Dexter is very professional and knowledgeable within his role, he is also very personable which is a major positive when looking for new employment. Instead of putting across all sorts of various roles and positions he has taken the time to see what is on the market and will place the correct job when he sources it. He is a credit to your business.

    Scott Storey - Specifictions Sales Manager - Tyne and Wear
  • ‘People should apply to be a Whiteonian because there’s hundreds of different opportunities to progress. Whether you want to be a leader, or key account manager, it’s all there. Most importantly, if you’re self-driven and motivated, you’re free to reach your potential’

    Dexter Way, Lead Recruiter

    Dexter Way
  • ​Brilliant.

    Adam Glaze, Project manager - Westmidlands
  • Really helpful. Dexter seems like a really good lad.

    Andrew Shipp, Internal Sales - Hertfordshire