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 Simply choose the recruitment solutions which are important to you. WR is committed to providing even greater value for money to customers by offering our full range of modernised recruitment solutions at no extra cost.

  • Up to 12 month candidate replacement

  • Video Interview

  • Key Competency Questions

  • Behavioural and Psychometric Assessment

  • Professional Candidate Marketing Pack

  • CVs presented on our WR Search hiring platform, accessible to you 24/7

  • Monthly payment installments up to 6 months

  • Linkedin featured job advertising

Our award-winning combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology procedures allow you to SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY and improve employee RETENTION.

Contact us below to arrange a call and we’ll provide you with a free 30-minute recruitment strategy session.

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WR solutions explained...

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    CVs Presented on our WR Search Hiring Platform

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    Linkedin Featured Job Advertising

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    Up to 12 month replacement guarantee

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    McQuaig Psychometric Assessments

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    Key Competency Questions

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    Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

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    Professional Candidate Marketing Pack

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    Pre-recorded candidate video Introduction

What's in it for you?

  • S A V E y T I M E >> One online platform accessible to you 24/7 with pre-recorded video introductions and interviews. Never waste your time again with the wrong candidate, screen their CV, read and watch their interview anytime and anywhere that suits you. All you need is an internet connection!

  • S A V E y M O N E Y >> Hire the right individual for your business with our in-depth, scientific hiring process. View their McQuaig Candidate Pack with extensive descriptions of their personalty, job fit and team fit. Know before you hire if they are the right fit for you and your business before it's too late.

  • S T R E S S y F R E E >> If your new hire leaves within 12 months* we will replace them for FREE. No need to go through the whole recruitment process again, leave it to us. We know exactly who and what you need, we'll do all the leg work for you. All you need to do is make that final decision.

  • I M P R O V E y R E T E N T I O N >> With our extensive range of recruitment techniques and highly skilled team members, we will look where no one else has, we will find that 'diamond in the rough' that you don't have time to search for. We use methodical and strategic techniques to hunt, attract and hire the BEST passive talent.

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Our Divisions

We recruit for a broad range of roles across our four specialist sectors: Engineering, HVACR, Logistics, and Health. Each division is made up of recruiters who are excellent at their job and experts in their respective markets. We know what clients and candidates value, which gives us the edge when making the recruitment process as smooth and effective as possible.

Where ever you are located we can help, we work UK wide

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East Kilbride
West Bromwich
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Step 1

Complete your Bad Hire Calculator to understand exactly how much you are wasting on repeatedly hiring the wrong people in your business. You'll be shocked by your results but see this as a positive, this figure is the amount you are about to save by working with us!


Step 2

Identify which solution is best for you. Maybe the up to 12 month candidate guarantee is what your need? Or could the role benefit from key competency questions? Hopefully you're so busy that you do't have time to interview candidates and you NEED our pre-recorded interviews? Whatever is best for you we can help. Choose the service that suits you and speak to our experts. We'll have plenty of questions to truly understand you, the role and your expectations. Then we can assist you in selecting the right WR method for you to optimise maximum results.


Step 3

Leave it to us, let us take the reigns and do all the hard work. leaving you to do what really matter, and that's run your business. We do all the leg work, behinds to scenes so you can relax knowing that we are working on finding the next best talent in your business.



I had hit the ceiling in my previous role and the work life balance was just not there. I came into recruitment as it offered a challenging, yet rewarding opportunity for people who are willing to work hard. I loved the idea of ‘you get out as much as you put in.’  
The social side of the company is like nothing I know of anywhere else. I talk to my friends in numerous industries: trade, hospitality, accountancy. None have anything like we do! The office culture at WR is great! The atmosphere is always positive and relaxed, with the music playing and an open plan setup really helping this.
Here at WR I feel completely valued from my manager and both directors which makes me want to go to work each day. Enjoying what you do cannot be understated.
For anyone willing to work hard and put in the effort I would definitely recommend joining WR!

Jack Loydd


If I could to sum up my time at White Recruitment so far it would be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable

Steph Wood


We asked our consultants what three words they would use to sum up their time at White Recruitment - here’s what they had to say.

The Team at WR

Why Choose Us?

Our advanced recruitment solutions reduce your time-to-hire, improve retention rates and provide up to 12 MONTHS guarantee to remove the risk from your hiring decisions – put simply, if you hire one of our candidates and they leave within twelve months, for ANY reason, we’ll recruit the role again for free.

A modern approach to candidate assessment and shortlist delivery is better for the candidates and it’s better for you. We perform in-depth assessments on shortlisted candidates, REDUCING the number of people you need to call to interview and SPEEDING up the decision-making process whilst improving the chances of hiring right first time!

If we’re unable to find a candidate you want to interview within four weeks and you decide you don’t wish to continue with our services, we’ll refund 100% of the briefing fee. We want you to feel confident in our working partnership so we do everything in our power to ensure we take on ALL the risk.


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