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We recruit for a broad range of roles across our four specialist sectors: Engineering, HVAC, Logistics, and Health including perm and temp roles. Each division is made up of recruiters who are excellent at their job and experts in their respective markets. We know what clients and candidates value, which gives us the edge when making the recruitment process as smooth and effective as possible.

Who we are

We’re an agency with a mission: to help candidates grow and businesses evolve.

When people are happy at work – they succeed – and so do the companies that employ them. By effectively connecting job seekers and employers, we make this happen.

Whether you’re looking for a new role, or hiring for a vacancy, we’ll make your job or talent search as seamless as possible.

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Are Smart

Whiteonians are smart. By constantly learning about our sectors, we can think strategically, present solutions that our competitors can’t, and keep an eye on the long game.

Show Grit

Whiteonians show grit. That means displaying courage, character, persistence – and a passion for success.

Work Together

Whiteonians work together. By providing positive, honest and reliable experiences, we form beneficial partnerships with clients, candidates and each other.

Act Fearless

Whiteonians act fearless. We’re daring in pursuing clients, confident about delivering results, and unafraid of challenging the status quo.

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Samantha is a vital cog in our team, offering years of valuable industry experience. She is consistent, tenacious and endeavours to ensure her clients and candidates alike are given the best service, customer experience, but above all a cost effective recruitment solution. Also, a joy to work with ! I would happily recommend Samantha to any recruitment professional or company. She is a valuable asset to WR.



Lewis is very astute and knowledgeable within his business organisation.



Jack has been at WR Transport & Logistics since 2018. I would like to hire his quadruplet brothers or sisters if he had them. His enthusiasm, energy and thirst for learning is superb.

His ability to generate meaningful relationships with applicants and clients is comparable to those with many more year's recruitment experience.

Hands Off...



Worked closely with Lewis over the last couple of years, his attitude, attention to detail and results-focus always makes him a pleasure to work with. White Recruitment as a company is always great to work with consistently going above and beyond with a personal touch.

Max O'Loughlin - The Access Group


Ive been working for Lewis at White Recruitment for almost two years. I would recommend Lewis as a line manager because he understands the business finances and understands the importance of financial planning, he listens to the opinions of the staff and has a good sense of humour.

Jackie Robinson - Head of Finance


It's been fantastic to work with Lewis who is an exceptional business leader. His hands on approach, powerful personality and easy going management style have won him the respect of his staff. He has a positive approach to IT and embraces the opportunities that good systems can bring at White Recruitment. I have really enjoyed working with Lewis and I highly recommend him..!

Mark Abrams - MD - Interpro Technology


I had hit the ceiling in my previous role and the work life balance was just not there. I came into recruitment as it offered a challenging, yet rewarding opportunity for people who are willing to work hard. I loved the idea of ‘you get out as much as you put in.’  
The social side of the company is like nothing I know of anywhere else. I talk to my friends in numerous industries: trade, hospitality, accountancy. None have anything like we do! The office culture at WR is great! The atmosphere is always positive and relaxed, with the music playing and an open plan setup really helping this.
Here at WR I feel completely valued from my manager and both directors which makes me want to go to work each day. Enjoying what you do cannot be understated.
For anyone willing to work hard and put in the effort I would definitely recommend joining WR!

Jack Loydd


Stacey, the internal recruiter, was really welcoming and very friendly. She made me feel comfortable, there was no awkwardness and she was smiling at all times, which really put me at ease rather than being nervous during my interview. I’d highly recommend working at White Recruitment.

Ella Lewis, Business Support Apprentice


If I could to sum up my time at White Recruitment so far it would be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable

Steph Wood


Stacey was so lovely throughout the hiring process with White Recruitment. She was always making sure I was kept up to date and ensured I received the best offer, that we were both happy with. I would fully recommend White Recruitment to anyone.

Megan Stoyles, Trainee Recruiter

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Dress For A Legal Interview


​White Recruitments recent survey, based on the article from PunchL!ne, we asked our audience over on linkedin ‘Would you go suited and booted to a job interview’. We were pleasantly surprised with the results…Can you be ‘overdressed’ for an interview? According to survey results 61% of people would go ‘suited and booted’ to a job interview, chron. believe there is a direct link between dressing to impress and self confidence - it’s about mindset. Whether the interviewer believes you to be overdressed or not, it shows that you’re serious about the job interview and made an effort. As well as the impact it has on your mindset, helping you stand tall and interview from a place of confidence, who wouldn’t want to feel like that in an interview? Could being ‘underdressed’ for an interview lose me the job? Similar to the above statement about making an effort, turning up underdress can leave potential employers with the wrong impression. We feel the best way to overcome this is to dress according to the job. Consider this;What would you wear if you were successful? What’s the uniform like? - As long as you’re always smarter than what the job uniform requires, then that shows effort. Consider what your interviewer may be wearing - ideally you’d want to be on par or ‘smarter’ attire than the person interviewing you. What’s practical? - Do you need to have a trial run in your interview, or are you sitting in a meeting room? (You should know this before your interview, if in doubt ask!)For more ideas on what to wear, The Nest, have plenty of articles to guide you on what and what not to do. Survey Results and CommentsOverall, be the smartest dressed person in the room, wear confidence and go in with the correct mindset and you’re on to a winner. Dress to suit the interview and make an effort, this shows the employer you’re serious about the job. Whether that's a suit or smart trousers and a t-shirt, identify what you’ll wear in the job and what your interviewer may be wearing. Being smart will never go out of fashion. ​

Earth Day Facts


Earth Day, economical changes that need to be made in your workplace now​Many business owners have had plenty of guidance from the Environmental Agency encouraging and establishing ways they can adapt the runnings of their business to be more sustainable and economical, especially with the introduction of Earth Day. So why are some businesses still not able to make these changes despite so much education on how and evidence to prove there’s a need? Here’s what you need to know to make a change today and get fully involved in Earth Day.How to Get StartedAlthough there is much dispute as to why there is a need to adapt the way we work to better suit the environment, after many years of studies and now blatant evidence, it’s essential business owners take action. If they don’t, this could mean customers decide to go elsewhere as well as the huge impact on the planet.Sustainability Company PolicyFirstly, have a sustainable company policy visible to all team members as well as included in your customer process (eg links on email footers or viewable on your website) this is a very simple way to get the ball rolling, making you and your employees aware of how they are impacting the environment with their choices and where there is room for improvement. Choose Suppliers WiselyYou are a business supplying a service but you will also be the customers in someone else's journey e.g. your suppliers. Spend some time researching the companies you are working with, are they sustainable? Should you be promoting the fact you’re working with a sustainable business? This works both ways, other businesses will be looking back at you too, are you a sustainable business they want to show off they are working with too?Your EnvironmentWhether you’re office based or work from home, there are plenty of ways to show you’re sustainable. Compost only, recycling and general waste bins - be strict on this!Encouragement posters around the office (bonus points for using the plain side of scrap paper to make them!)Encourage a lift share or cycle to work scheme. Turning your computers/laptops off rather than on standby modeAdvertising and celebrating Earth Day each yearSee plenty more here > youmatter.world‘Investing in our planet should be viewed as an investment in our future.’ - businessinsider.inWith these very basic but impactful steps towards Earth Day, you’ll be heading in the right direction. Revisit these every month/quarter to see if there is anything new to add or adapt. Don’t be afraid to show off your sustainable business, set an example and others will follow!See our tips for helping your employees through the rise in cost of living here.​​

Working From Home


​With the rise in the cost of living, and the new working model created due to the pandemic, there’s now a choice to make. As an employer, are you embracing the new way of working and moving forwards or are you trying to get back to your old way of working and unintentionally repelling top talent from your business? Our SurveyIn a recent survey we conducted at White Recruitment, we asked over 500 people how the rise in travel costs would impact their employment decisions. The answers were not what we were expecting…18% said the rise made no impact on them3% want to reduce their commute into their workplace79% looking for a working from home or hybrid roleThe ResultsNaturally we expected employees to want to reduce their commute and work closer to home. But it seems many people are very happy in their employment. 18% were happy to still travel but a huge 79% of employees now demand a working from home role or a hybrid role. If employers are not offering this model of employment, they’re unintentionally repelling this top talent from their business. With most competitors offering working from home and hybrid roles, the talent has plenty of opportunities to go elsewhere. Attracting Talent Although there are some industries, the healthcare industry for example, that can not offer the WFH model, there is still something that can be done. Employers in this industry need to think outside the box with their benefits schemes. Employment in these industries is challenging enough without this added pressure. Here’s some ideas we can come up with;Paid travel costsCycle to work schemeCompany mini bus collection pointsLift sharing schemesWith the cost of travel at an all time high with only further increases planned for the future, the above is a great way to encourage top talent through your door. Think outside the box. What are potential new hires' pain points? Then offer them a solution.  See more study results here.Read more blogs here.​

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​Temp Labour is on the Rise in 2022, but is it here to stay?​Employers' confidence has been knocked with the current market, unsure if and when they should be making their next hire. More and more business owners are leaning towards temp workers, giving them the flexibility to choose when and how long they wish to hire someone for. But, for most employees who need stability in their employment, is temporary work an option? Temp work has its perks for both parties as many people have been impacted by the pandemic, it’s forced many talented individuals back on the market. These individuals have the opportunity to work within an organisation before making the full commitment of joining a new team, especially useful in a competitive market. In our recent study we identified that the average temp labour has increased by 11% since February 2021, with more growth expected for 2022. Although the economy is expected to bounce back mid 2022 (Brewin Dolphin UK) securing temp workers once again with permanent employment. Could this identify an end date for the popularity of temp recruitment or have we just carved a new way to hire?Despite the UK employment rate sitting at 75.5% (January 2022) according to Office for National Statistics, that is 1.1 percentage points lower than pre-pandemic (December 2019 to February 2020), showing a steady but clear increase in employment within the UK. There’s no compelling evidence to suggest that temporary employment has anything to do with this small increase but we feel it has a big part to play. Currently, December to February 2022 there are 1.5m temporary workers in the UK (Lancaster University Studies). Showing the need for this style of employment and the flexibility it comes with. Although this most likely means that we are still short for permanent roles, it does mean more and more people are being pushed into the benefits of temporary employment which many would have initially ruled out pre-pandemic. This has resulted in temporary work increasing by 23% over the past year (Lancaster University Studies).The breakdown in our recent study, found that there was a greater number of employers who had previously been temps and used temp in their own hiring needs. With 4% less employers, who had never been a temp worker before. Showing that having experienced temp work personally, gives a better understanding as to its benefits. There are more employers now leaning towards temporary workers to see them through the UK economy crash, potentially until its estimated recovery. ​So far, the data to show the impact of this change in employment is limited. However, the decrease in unemployment is improving as well as the increase in employers now looking to temporary workers. Many people may have the vision that some work is better than no work since the government furlough schemes have all now come to an end, many have found themselves in this position. The soon approaching Employment Bill gives temporary workers more rights with employers after a 26 week period, they will be able to request a contract in line with the 2018 Good work plan, according to the Gazette. With the right to request a more predictable and stable contract after 26 weeks’ service, for those with variable and unpredictable hours (which formed part of the government’s 2018 Good Work Plan).The forthcoming Employment Bill offers an opportunity to strengthen worker rights and protections in this regard, for example by ensuring the legislation allows agency workers and those on temporary or zero hour contracts the right to request a contract which guarantees hours that better reflect those actually worked.Therefore, answering our earlier question. Temp workers may eventually turn to permanent workers but, until that point both employers and employees will be in the perfect position to establish if this is the right next step for them. Proving that temporary employment is on the rise, and for good reason, and that it is here to stay as there will always be a need for flexible employment especially with the added reward of a potential stable contract. If you would like to see what temporary roles we have available, please visit our available jobs here or should you have temporary roles you wish to fill please give Jamie Wilson a call directly on 023 9281 6920.​



Regulating staff movement during the Covid19 PandemicStaffing has always been regulated within healthcare services under the CQC (Care Quality Commission) but guidance could be altered due to the current Covid19 pandemic.Care homes in particular are facing a huge change in relation to the movement of staff and more specifically the use of temporary agency staff. The government requested a consultation on their proposal to regulate to stop movement of staff between care settings which closed only a few days ago.The government has found that high usage of temporary workers directly correlates with a high number of Covid19 cases within care settings. Due to this, new regulations around the use of temporary staff within care homes could potentially be enforced in the coming weeks.The proposed policy has been suggested to decrease the infection rates within these settings, but does that throw a spanner in the works elsewhere? Over the past few months I have listened to the stories that nurses have told me about working through the pandemic and it has more often than not been incredibly hard on them. Staff sickness has been high due to positive test results, some staff were and still are self isolating because they themselves are vulnerable, this is all on top of the skills shortage within nursing prior to the pandemic.Staffing problems have led to a strain on many nurse’s mental health. The Nursing Times found that a third of nurses described their mental health as ‘bad’ due to working during the pandemic. To counter this, charity Mind has partnered with other mental health charities to provide mental health services specifically for those on the frontline, including 1-2-1 support.So, what advice would I give you? I’ve provided a few places to start.Retain your current workforce - Losing a crucial member of your care staff at a time like this is going to hit you harder than before. Retaining your current team members will reduce the need to fill these gaps with agency workers. We have some fantastic tools for you to use to assess your retention needs. You can call me to discuss these options.- 02392 852 314Take advantage of nurses on the temporary register - We have heard from a considerable number of nurses that have joined the temporary register who are now looking for permanent positions to complete their practice hours admitting them to the permanent register. This will also help staffing issues in the long term.Speak to us - We have over ten years’ experience of recruiting permanent staff for the healthcare sector. We can provide you with a team of recruiters that have worked tirelessly for their clients over the last few months and are continuing to do so. As a team we have over 34 years of combined experience specific to healthcare recruitment and are proud of the knowledge we have. Whether you are looking to fill one vacancy or many we can provide the attention you need for finding the right candidates. Equally, should you be looking for a new role, we have over 1000 vacancies with our current clients and have sent almost 2000 applications for our nurses this year. If you are looking for a new opportunity, we will take the time to listen to your needs and help you in finding the best position for you.Please call me or my team if you have any questions about your job search or recruitment needs - Emma Platt, 02392 852 314, emmap@wr-health.com​

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​Modern Recruitment is moving too fast, or are you moving too slow?The hiring process has been stuck in plateau for years. Now the pandemic has hit us, it's pushed us out our comfort zone and forced us to embrace technology in the form of modern recruitment.Don’t get left behind! Don’t miss all the talent. Expand your capabilities - it’s going to make all the difference. No idea where to start? You’re in the right place, here’s what you need to do step by step. ​Modern Recruitment MethodBe Open MindedEducate YourselfBuild ConfidenceBe SocialBe Consistent ​Be Open MindedIt’s easy to shut off from change. But, you need to do this. It's important.Modern recruitment methods are science based, you’ll experience behavioral assessments, competency questionnaires, psychometric assessments, conference interviews and my personal favourite - Video CVs. If you're still only working on a basic CV as a candidate, you’ll seem dull and as an employer you’ll seem old fashioned. We all have to change, adapt and grow. ​Educate YourselfNow you’re ready to embrace this change, you need to learn how to do it. That’s right, it’s back to school for you! Youtube is a great place to start, as well as Linkedin and any articles found on google, just search, Modern Recruitment. ​Build ConfidenceThe best way to learn? DO IT. Get used to the camera, have a play around on apps/portals etc. You can’t do anything wrong, it will take away the fear of the unknown when it comes to the real thing. Put time aside for this, it will be well worth it.​Be SocialYou think you’re already social, well you’re not social enough. This is a different level of social, more commonly known as networking. Now I've scared of you! Modern recruitment requires this, so lets do it!Get yourself on Linkedin, connect with like minded individuals and make a difference on their platform, comment, like and share their posts. This is a simple step in growing your social skills and it will attract opportunities your way. Trust me. More to come on this in future weeks. ​Be ConsistentNow you’re on a role with the new you, you need to keep it up! Don’t have a small win and stop, keep growing, keep progressing - it won’t stay around forever you must keep going. ​Not so daunting when you know what to do is it? Although the above is the basic, it's the start of the foundations to the modern hiring process and you will be recognised as an employer and candidate of choice.Gone are the worries about being left behind.​EMPLOYERS BONUSStart the science behind your hiring - ready to see how much your business will save? Answer these simple questions… https://wrsearch.goodhire.agency/